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what ocean that have beautyfull view (OUVERT)
21.12.2009 (421 semaines avant)
0 votes
Étiquettes: emo, guitar
Who deserves his/her heart's desire? (OUVERT)
04.12.2009 (423 semaines avant)
63 votes
Étiquettes: belle, vernon, polls, teacher, christmas, funny
PSYCHOS,the team of juniors,was the real underdoggs of the tournament.From nowhere to runner-ups of the tournament,their journey was full of excitment & surely lack of luck.Luck didnt favour them coz 1 day before the match,team's captain & 1 player(Rahul Gupta),met with an accident. But,the team bowlers were up to mark in the finals.They restricted the opposite team on 73 runs only.But its the batsmen who really performed below their potential. So leave that... we shud njoy atleast we are the runner-ups of the tournament.. But on public demand,we are here to know public's view. According to you who is "MATCH KA MUJRIM"?(ur options r) 1.SUMIT AGGARWAL's broken hand 2.RAHUL GUPTA's bad driving skills which resulted in injuries of two main players of the team 3.ABHISHEK MEENA's weak captaincy skills...he had no plans...no preparations for d big day...had no control over player's attitude towards match... 4.TEAM's overconfidence 5.ADITYA GULATI's comment to GAUTAM dat he only runs 2 runs,he never takes singles....(dis comment really demotivated our star player GAUTAM)...& ADITYA also wasted many balls.. Please participate all of you..dis is anonymous voting....Feel free to vote.. (OUVERT)
07.11.2009 (427 semaines avant)
22 votes
Étiquettes: match, ka, mujrim
What is your view of don't ask don't tell? (OUVERT)
15.10.2009 (430 semaines avant)
5 votes
Étiquettes: gays, military
Which Movie you prefer to see ? (OUVERT)
30.09.2009 (432 semaines avant)
2 votes
Étiquettes: arabic, movie
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