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who is wwe greatest superstar ??? (OUVERT)
12.06.2017 (10 semaines avant)
0 votes
Étiquettes: red_1
With another ‘Serena Slam’ under her belt, is Serena Williams the greatest female tennis player of all time? (OUVERT)
15.07.2015 (109 semaines avant)
27 votes
Étiquettes: with, another, ‘serena, slam’, under, her, belt, is, serena, williams, the, greatest, female, tennis, player, of, all, time
Who Will Win The Fight? (OUVERT)
21.02.2015 (130 semaines avant)
1984 votes
Étiquettes: manny, pacquiao, boxing, fight, floyd, mayweather, jr, money, may, the, team, 50, cent, freddie, roach, bob, arum, who, will, win, match, greatest, biggest, lil, wayne, justin, bieber, filipino, american, cinco, de, mayo, sms, promotion, golden, boy, promotions, oscar, de, la, hoya, ppv, pay, per, view, showtime, hbo
If Lil Wayne Retires After Tha Carter V Where Would You Rank Him Among The Top MC's In Hip Hop History? (OUVERT)
15.02.2014 (183 semaines avant)
1961 votes
Étiquettes: lil, wayne, retirement, that, carter, v, young, money, ymcmb, drake, nicki, minaj, birdman, baby, tyga, cash, records, last, album, greatest, rapper, alive, top, five, doa, all, time, great, mc, ranking
Who Is The Greatest Rapper Alive? (OUVERT)
15.11.2013 (196 semaines avant)
4446 votes
Étiquettes: the, greatest, rapper, alive, emcee, mc, eminem, jay, z, lil, wayne, ll, cool, j, 50, cent, ice, cube, nas, rakim
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