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yüzyılın en büyük oylamasının zamanı geldi, görkem sakalını kesmeli mi? yoksa kısaltsın mı? keçi sakal mı yapsın? buraya herhangi bir yorum gelir mi? az soraaa!!! (the great and the legendary poll of the century!!! should görkem cut off his beard? trim it? goatee? will he get any opinions at all here?! soon!!!..) (OUVERT)
04.08.2010 (389 semaines avant)
1 votes
Étiquettes: aernath, beard, poll
If i came to your door and asked for a dollar in exchange for letting you sign my car would you? (OUVERT)
03.08.2010 (389 semaines avant)
0 votes
Étiquettes: fun, exciting, wierd, dollar, poll, survery
Would you buy a book about a girl who has written about her life ? (OUVERT)
03.08.2010 (389 semaines avant)
0 votes
Étiquettes: traveling, and, books
Do you want a republic form of local county government in your county where you assemble and vote on issues and your vote matters by changing the system? (OUVERT)
03.08.2010 (389 semaines avant)
64 votes
Étiquettes: local, county, government, assembly
Which way is better to die from/in? (OUVERT)
02.08.2010 (389 semaines avant)
12 votes
Étiquettes: ygtvyj
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