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Which hand does your wrist watch go on?

Créé Par: pokemonmaster_belou
Date Créée: 17.05.2009 (313 semaines avant)
Bout Voté: 04.04.2014 (59 semaines avant)
Nombre de voix: 33
Statut: Ouvert
Tags: which, hand, does, your, wrist, watch, go, on, time
22 Votes (67%)
11 Votes (33%)
Country Votes %  
US 23 69.7%
MX 5 15.15%
GB 2 6.06%
AU 1 3.03%
CA 1 3.03%
IL 1 3.03%

3 Commentaires

30.06.2011 (203 semaines avant)
It depends what side the crown is on. Most watches are made to be adjusted by your right hand therefore, worn on the left.

18.05.2009 (313 semaines avant)
Above is not always true. In the 20's and 30's, parents and teachers tried to have left handed people learn to write right handed. Therefore, some left handed people put the watch on their left arm.

17.05.2009 (313 semaines avant)
it all depends on which hand you write with meaning if your write with your right hand you put the watch on your left if you write with your left than you put the watch on your left, so i guess on depends on you
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