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Would I sign a contract of any shape or form with Geoffrey Royston Stevens?

Date Créée: 06.07.2010 (393 semaines avant)
Bout Voté: 03.02.2011 (363 semaines avant)
Nombre de voix: 2
Statut: Ouvert
Tags: geoffrey, roy, stevens, business, rates, no, win, no, fee, pay, acknowledgement, valid, appeal, 25, saving, on, rateable, value
  Not if he asked for an upfront fee. No Way!
0 Votes (0%)
  Even if he pretended it was valid - NO WAY!
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  Not even if he told me it was payable on results. NO WAY!
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  I wouldn't sign anything even if it was FREE!
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  I'd consult with a recognised professional body and then probably call the Police. He's nothing but a fat old small time chancer!
2 Votes (100%)
Country Votes %  
GB 2 100%

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